Fellowship Program

Life for children welfare has been in the forefront for providing not only food, shelter, clothing and education to the vulnerable but also provides spiritual nourishment to them too. In line with this, the guardians have been organized into two groups in which they meet once every month to fellowship together and encourage each other. They also help each other in times of despair for example during grieve; they give motivation and even do some little contributions for the bereaved. They also participate a lot in team building for example when it comes to house construction of one of their member, they come together to help in the process.

This movement has been very helpful to the guardian because they even get to know where each and every one of them lives, the kind of life they are living and also the challenges they are facing. They also get to share the little food they have with their fellows because through this, they also receive blessings from God and am very much grateful for them for their generosity. However less it may be, they will always share it all without considering how the next day will be. This is the kind of heart expected from a true believer of God therefore they should continue with the same spirit.

Life for children ministry has also played a bigger role in ensuring that this program runs successfully, they are always available when this time comes and they will always provide a means of transport for the guardians and this is a very good gesture of togetherness. I thank life for children welfare for dedicating themselves to serve the children of God who are very much in need. May the Good Lord continue blessing them each and every moment of their life. Below are some of the beautiful photos during the fellowship.

By Maureen Adoyo



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