An Improved Farming Method

Wachara community is a rural area where Life for children ministry has been in a forefront to improve and support the welfare of the community members not only through sponsorship of the vulnerable orphans, building improved houses to vulnerable families, spiritual nourishment, microfinance support to small businesses and also providing TRACTOR to the community farmers.

Farming being the economic activity in the community, community members fully depend on farm products for commercial purposes and for consumption. Wachara community has been using traditional way of farming method where farmers use cows for ploughing, this method is time and energy consuming and only small area of the farm will be worked on.

Thanks to Life for Children Ministry for bringing in board easier way of farming through provision of a tractor in the community. This helps them plough lands which were left barren and easy way to saves time thus promote sufficient food within the community not only as an individual farmer but also to the entire community.

I wish to pass my sincere gratitude to the donors and founder Director Mr. Michael Agwanda for making work easier for farmers and the entire community thus improving the living standard for the community members. Today Wachara Village has improved their yield compared to previous years. Our objective is to increase our production hence food security for the community. It is our prayer that in future we shall get additional tractor since the demand is getting high and it is overwhelming one tractor.

Traditional Farming

A Hand plow and a team of Cows are limited to the amount of acreage they can till

Tractor At Work

New tractor plowing a neighborhood plot that will increase crop output


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