Sharing and Giving

One of the best ways to show love is by giving and helping the needy in our society. Giving is the best tool God has given that helps us advance and increase our lives, and by so doing we will never lack since it is the promise of God in his word. Malachi 3v11. Life for children has continued to touch the lives of street boys in many different ways. In this photo the boys are excited receiving shirts and trousers donated by well wishers and trying them on at the Sunday program. All the 68 boys in attendance got a shirt or a pant. Keep the spirit of giving alive.

By Tonny




Life for Children Ministry has been having Church every Sunday for the street boys, we have also been preparing them the only meal for them every Sunday after their  church service. Several of you who have come to Kenya, have not only witnessed but participated on the same. This has been  made possible by your prayers and financial support. We would like to let you know however that this program is almost coming to a halt because of lack of funds. Kindly consider giving generously  for this program to continue. It is making a difference and it brings life and hope for these hopeless boys.
Be blessed.
Michael Agwanda

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