Street Kid Program

Roughly 7 years ago, it became apparent that Life For Children Ministry would never have the financial resources to place every street boy with a guardian and support them with funds for food, school fees, and uniforms. It was also apparent that the number of boys on the streets was growing.  Seeing the needs of these boys sleeping on the streets of Kisumu and eating scraps of food in the city dump, the ministry made the decision to begin a Sunday worship service for all of the boys who showed up, followed by a hot meal and encouragement. It was felt that even if we could not meet all of the needs of these young boys, we could share the love and saving grace of Jesus. About the same time, a lady on a short-term mission trip came to Kisumu and witnessed the plight of the street boys. Since that time, this lady, with God’s help and inspiration has provided the majority of the financial help to keep the program going. In addition, another lady in Georgia provided all of the funds needed to purchase large pots and pans as well as plastic plates and cups to feed an average of 100 boys each Sunday. The program has had many ups and downs over these 7 years, but it has been very evident that we were doing God’s will and HE was providing for the needs of the boys. We have seen many boys accept Christ as their savior and go on the lead a productive life. About four years ago we started a repatriation program and have helped many of the younger boys return to their home village and unite once again with family members. On the down side, the feeding program has been forced to find a new location three or four times due to the stigma that follows the street boys. I wish that every one of you reading this newsletter could look into the faces of these boys as they worship and enjoy their only hot meal of the week. The expressions of their faces communicate their gratitude much better than words. Take a look at the pictures on the street boy web page and you will begin to see what I mean.

Street Boys

Now after seven years, we find ourselves without funding and are looking for help.  We are praying that God will raise up 52 people who will commit to funding the feeding program for one week each year for as many years as God provides. The total cost per week runs about $310. This covers the food cost, rent for the building, soap, and medicine. If you feel led to help with this ministry, please include a note with your check and send to: Life For Children Ministry, 7770 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30350. If you would prefer, you can break the $310 down and send monthly contributions.

May God richly bless you,

Charles Clements


Street Boy Web Page


2 responses to “Street Kid Program

  1. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. The mailing address is for the church, North Springs UMC, where Life for Children Ministry was founded 12 years ago. We use it as our mailing address. It is located in Sandy Springs, GA which is also listed as Atlanta, Ga sometimes. If you would like to setup monthly donations to the St Kids feeding program visit our website >
    and look down the page to DONATE TO STREET KIDS MINISTRY and click the PayPal.
    We are Blessed to have you following LCM.

  2. Why is the $360+ for feeding street children in Kenya on Sundays being mailed to a different city? I rad it today and know they gave the option of dividing it into payments/month but now can’t find where I read this.

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