Street Kids Program Report for May 2018

The month of May has so far been peaceful though the intensity of rain has been causing havoc in different parts of the country. Some of the street boys we have of late are from the flood stricken areas, where families have been displaced, families loosing loved ones and water-borne diseases on the rise. A number of boys have been complaining of chest pains, coughs and malaria due to the cold weather.



James Ouma and Peter Otieno;

James and Peter are boys who came recently to the streets mid last month. They are aged 14 and 16yrs. They were orphaned when both parents were swept by flood and drowned. This harrowing experience left them scared as many homes are still flooded, destroyed and people ran away to save their lives.

The two boys are still afraid and look timid, though they are willing to go back home but need a lot of counseling, encouragement and advice. Closely will been monitoring their progress during field-work, that if they are still there.

The weekly field work are doing okay, this enhances close interaction with the boys giving them a listening hear. Encouraging them and administering first aid to those who are feeling unwell, advising them to seek further medical attention for ailments that are serious.

We have had an increase of new young boys ages 9-15 in the streets and also at the Sunday program.

Fred 12yrs;

Fred omuse comes from mumias western part of Kenya; he has been on the streets from September this year. He ran away from home because of being beaten by his uncle who is alcoholic. The mother passed on when he was 1yrs leaving him under the care of his uncle.

Omuse longs to continue with his education given an opportunity, going back home is out of question because he feels unwanted due to the constant abuse. He would rather be in a children’s home than going back there.

Paul kemboi 13yrs;

Paul comes from belgut kericho area, their home borders Maasai in the rift-valley. He has been on the streets for 5 months now. He lost both parents to clashes when the Maasai’s invaded their home running away with their animals (cows and sheep). Their home was burned down by fire in the wee hours of the morning killing his parents as he narrates painfully. He escaped narrowly since he slept in a neighbor’s home. During the programs we take time with such boys, to encourage them, many of whom have been going through different challenges in life.



The gay and lesbians group has intensified its operations and they are spreading their net wide. Destabilizing families, school going pupils and street boys. Their operations are both during the day and night as they attract and influence people through handouts and cash.

Four street boys last week alone were enticed by receiving 5000kshs each. Other street boys know them. Though these boys have not been coming to our programs, we have given a warning to the boys to be extra careful not to be enticed.


The arrest has been intensified, going on day and night. This has caused a number of boys to scamp for safety, some running away into hiding for dear life. Close to 20 boys have been arrested this month the young ones taken to juvenile while older ones to prison.


Schools have opened for second term and the school going pupils have since gone back. Emmanuel’s lunches and tuition fee is always catered for by the organization. Early this month Bethany a missioner with us and I went to pay Emmanuel a visit in school. This was the first time Bethany was seeing Emmanuel.

She was very happy to see what God can do to street boys, when they are given a chance in life. Emmanuel has improved so much; he looks very happy and speaks amazing English. He has maintained 1st position in grade 5 with 384Mks. We encouraged him to work even harder for this will better his life in future.



The dump church fellowship has had a rough few weeks after the structure was pulled down again by heavy rains and wind. For that period the fellowship was on and off but thanks to God through the offerings given by members and well-wishers the building is up again.

The fellowship is going on. The dump-site boys are fairing on well and the bibles donated to the fellowship is helping them grow spiritually and get grounded in God’s word.


The Sunday programs and fellowship have been doing great, the boys have maintained coming early by 6.15am waiting for the fellowship to start. This has given them an opportunity to learn more on depending on God and trusting Him for their day today life.

Praise and worship has been playing a very important role in lifting the spirits of the boys and drawing the most needed inner strength to continue facing the hurdles of life.

The month of May we have been learning on the challenges life brings to us. Example the story of David, the hardships he passed through to become great as the king of Israel. The number of boys ,that have attended the programs 68,62,67,65 totaling to 262. God bless the director, donors and staff for their continued support.

Compiled by Tonny

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