Every year, you have individually as well as a congregation stood with
Life for Children Ministry in prayers and support in our program of
sharing a mean with a family on Christmas day. Many Christian families
would love to gather around a family dinner to share a mean on this day
but would not because of food insecurity.

“in spite of progress made over the last two decades, 821 million people
still suffer from chronic hunger. Among children, it is estimated that 155
million under five years of age are chronically malnourished (stunted)
and over 52 million are acutely malnourished (wasted).
Our mandate is to support members in their efforts to ensure that people
have regular access to enough high-quality food” (Food and Agriculture
organization of UN)

Principal causes of food insecurity (hunger) in Africa and many other
nations are Poverty, conflict, climate and weather, lack of investment in
Agriculture, unstable market and high food prices among others World
food program 2018). In East Africa, 22Million people need help to secure
their livelihood and acquire adequate food. 9Millio children are in need
of nutrition assistance (World Vision).

Life for Children Ministry is committed to fighting poverty by providing
micro loan to women group for businesses in the process of eliminating
poverty in our little way, however the work is yet to be done. We
therefore ask you to stand with a family on this upcoming Christmas day
at $ 20 for a family. This will bring great joy and will highly be

Your $ 20 a family on this Christmas day will include supply of a sorted
food (beef, sugar, cooking fat, corn flower). Acts 20:35 in everything I’
showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the week
and remember the words of the lord Jesus, that He Himself said, it is
more blessed to give than to receive.

You can send your donation through our website or send the check to Life for Children
Ministry C/O North Spring UMC 7770 Roswell Rd. Sandy Springs Ga.
303350. Mark the check “ Christmas Meal.

Thank you and be blessed.
Michael Agwanda Founder.

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