God has Been Faithful

Dear our prayer warriors and partners,
As the year comes to an end, we can’t but look back to see how much God has been faithful.  He has provided for each and every child we support.  They have gone to school, their tuition paid, we have had meaningful fellowship with them where the world of God has been shared.  We have fed thousands of meals to homeless boys.  We have been visited with great short-term mission teams and many more that I’ll share with you later and to this I’m so grateful for your prayers and support for we couldn’t do this without you.
However, there are still shortcomings and we need to finish this year strong.  With your significant last minute giving towards the end of the year, will enable us to pay must needed tuition for our children at the beginning of the year as they go back to school.  Please pray about this.
Anything you give will be tax deductible and it will go along way in giving life and hope again to an orphan.
Be Blessed,
Michael Agwanda
2-ORPHANS 3-16-17

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