Orphan Report for January 2019

Back to School

January has welcomed a new year in Life For Children Ministry, as well as a new school year. We began the month with sending primary and secondary kids to school. Many of them received their school uniforms at the December fellowship, and many of them came to the office the first week of the month to receive their uniforms, school supplies and school fee payments. We utilized this time to also get letters from the kids to send to their sponsors.

Michael has gone to the US with these letters in hand to give to the donors.

New school uniforms for orphans in Wachara

School Uniforms received at December Fellowship (Above), Students ready for Secondary School (Below)

Street Boys

I had the opportunity to visit Emmanuel, who is a former street boy that LCW has been supporting while he is being repatriated back to his home. Emmanuel is still doing very well in school as he begins class 6. Last year, in class 5, he finished the year with the #1 position among his classmates. The head teacher of his school has high hopes for him, and Emmanuel has a dream to one day go to Secondary School. Emmanuel was given a new uniform, sweater, school shoes and socks.


Home Fellowships in Kisumu went on very well for January. We had fellowship at Ombeyi with Gilbert who is the guardian to Esther Opiyo and at Chiga with Christine Akinyi who is the guardian to Caroly Onyango.

In Chiga the turnout was 17 guardians. We enjoyed time talking with each other, the guardians shared their concerns and thanksgivings. Bethany read from Romans 8:31-39, encouraging the group that if we are in Christ, there is nothing that can separate us from God. The guardians were also reminded that they will be required to make school visits with the office so that they can take an active role in their child’s education.

In Ombeyi, the turnout was 14 guardians. The guaridans shared their concerns and thanksgivings. The new intern, Nick Owaga gave a wonderful sermon on God’s love, and reminded us that God’s love for us is shown through the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ.

School Visits

We visited Village Hope Academy to pay school fees for William Okumu and enroll Emmanuel Ochieng and David Okoth. Emmanuel and David are being transferred to Village Hope from Orenge Primary School. All of their guardians met us at the school to talk with the Head Teacher. The guardians were introduced to the Head Teacher and we instructed them to visit the school at least one time during the first term to discuss the progress of their child, as well as to get to know the class teacher. Everyone is on board to help these students succeed.

Bethany Christolear

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