Empowering girls has been a top priority of the United Nations and the UN Foundation. As many people say in the development sector, educating girls is the right thing to do.; it is also the smartest thing to do.

Girls and women often bear the consequences of poverty, lack of health care, lack of education and other inequalities. Yet when they are empowered, they earn more, have healthier families and grow economies.

Meet Jackline Oluoch, a 24 year old, who has struggled through in life, being a total orphan and the only child in her family.


A picture of Jackline when she joined Life For Children Welfare

Jackline lost her parents in the year 1999 and 2002 respectively, who were buried in Siaya, exact place not known. The guardian, Mrs Seline, who is the maternal grandmother of Jackline could not remember the exact home where Jackline and her parents used to stay since she only went there for burial.

Back in Siaya, the immediate relatives of Jackline were all dead and it was very clear that nobody was going to take care of Jackie, which was the reason the guardian had to come with her to Lela, Maseno Division.

The guardian was(is) a widow and at that particular time was 64 years, not engaged in any meaningful economic activity , athough she could afford three meals a day, a basic need in our lives. She was really finding it hard to cater for her educational needs.

How Life For Children Welfare changed her life.

Jackline came to hear about Life For Children when she was referred by a beneficiary’s guardian. She joined the program in 2006 when she was only 11 years old. “ I was vulnerable by then and LCW was like a savior to me” she says in one of her letters.

Jackline sat for her high school final exam in 2012. She got a mean grade of C+ which is slightly above average. She wanted to join college but she didn’t get a nursing school. After sometime, she was visited and it was noticed that she was pregnant, and later gave birth to a baby boy. This however did not deter her from pursuing her dream course; nursing. She joined college in 2015 and has graduated with a Diploma in Nursing.


On her graduation.

As we speak, Jackline Akinyi Oluoch is now as registered and certified nurse from Joan School Of Nursing.


“ I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to the Life For Children Welfare for their tireless support in my life…I am very grateful. May God continue giving you the courage and heart to support other vulnerable children.” She says in her Thank You Letter.

A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” Prov. 11:25.


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