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A Bright Smile In A New House

After the death of her husband, Linet Adoyo was left in a tiny house in which she was staying with her kids, the situation continued to be dire as the house was leaking. In her vulnerable condition and with the health of her children at risk, Linet was referred by a village elder to Life for Children Welfare (LCW) for support. That’s when Gloria Akinyi her first born daughter was recruited in our program. Gloria’s life took a turn and her worries in Education ceased as Life for Children took that responsibility.

Gloria has sickle cell anemia and this condition needs a lot of medical attention especially when it is actively attacking her body. Considering Gloria in the LCW program was a big blessing as she would get the necessary medical support, spiritual nourishment, food supplement and clothing as well as the blessing of a new house. Mother Linet felt like her prayer request was answered.

Linet Adoyo a 31 year old young mother had great joy and happiness that drove her energy to tirelessly participate up to the end from mobilization of the community members to full cooperation with LCW staff until the house was completed.

Linet’s testimony was emotional, touching and sincere as you could see happiness on her face, she lacked words to express her joy as tears kept rolling down her cheeks. She exclaimed ”Agwanda kod LCM uumo dunga, Nyasaye mondo omedu” translation “Director and the entire LCM fraternity you have covered my shame may God Bless you abundantly”. She also encouraged neighbors who had come to help her not to give up in whatever situation they are in because God will meet them at their time of need. Her words were so encouraging. Certainly nobody wanted her to sleep outside or in her initial tiny leaking house. With the help of the Life for Children Welfare staff and community members, Linet was blessed with a big new tin-roofed house. We blessed the house and blessed the family. We could not do this if not for the support we get from our sponsors and donors. May God bless you abundantly!


Over years this day has been celebrated in many parts of the country. The Day of the African Child has been an opportunity to raise awareness for the ongoing need to improve the education of children living across Africa. It’s a need that still very much exists today.

This year celebration was marked with the theme: ACCESS TO CHILD FRIENDLY, JUSTICE SYSTEM IN AFRICA. This celebration was so restricted with no gathering allowed. We were privileged to take part in this celebration by visiting children at the Mama Ngina Children Home. We were lucky to meet with children officer Madame Everline and the local county children officer who appreciated our participation. We issued them with jerricans implemented for hand wash and masks which were distributed to all children present in this institution. The children officer wished to visit our office some day when things normalized.

Relief Among COVID-19

…Thanks to your generosity

Along with the recent challenges of swarming locusts which has destroyed crops and livelihoods and catastrophic floods, Life for Children’s Ministry is currently challenged with keeping their community safe from COVID-19.  Thanks to your generosity, 500 washable masks and a large quantity of handwashing stations were recently purchased. 

In order to provide for the entire LCM community, we are focused on raising funds to purchase another 3,000 masks and additional handwashing stations.  Will you be so kind to partner with us in this most critical fundraiser?

A Word Of Thanks And Blessing!

As we make way into a brand new year, we also reflect back and say “Thank You” to supporters of this ministry in 2019. The Christmas Meals drive was a huge success with more families this year being supported with a rich meal to fellowship and praise Jesus over.

…A word of blessing from Kenya

As we end the year 2019, may we find it in our hearts to thank God for enabling us to reach this far through His might. In the process of highlighting our new year resolutions as individuals and an organization, I wish us all the best. Through His Grace and Mercies, we are going to achieve our goals for 2020. May the Almighty provide More through our donors and bless them along with their families. Amen.


Street Kids Ministry blessing the homeless with food on Christmas

Michael Agwanda handing out food items to local community that includes much sought-after beef!
DSC_0446 (1)

Fellowship and praising OUR LORD after food distribution. THANK YOU for your kind support!
DSC_0399 (1)

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
Num 6:24-26

Give The Gift Of Life This Christmas


It is certainly true that it is more of a blessing to give than receive. Consider your year-end giving to help support orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Life For Children Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit comprised of an all-volunteer board here in the U.S., so your donations go directly to Kenya for the support of these young ones. We are grateful and thankful for Jesus Christ, Our Savior, for centering and driving this ministry as we celebrate 13 years of watching these orphans grow into the thriving young adults they are! Visit us at to see how you can dial-in and take part in various ongoing support programs.

On World Orphans Day Choose To Smile With Amazon


Today is World Orphans Day (November 10, 2019). As we come together as God’s family to care for those in need, let’s pray for safety, health and general welfare for our world’s orphans. Life for Children Ministry has been on the ground for a little over a decade now finding extended relatives of children who have lost both their parents primarily from the AIDS pandemic in western Kenya. In addition to prayer we are registered with Amazon Smile as a genuine partner. Shop on Amazon Smile and a percentage of your sale goes to help your friends in need. Go to and choose Life For Children Ministry as your charity of choice (located under the Amazon search bar).

Providing Meals on Christmas Day

Dear friends,

It is that time of the year when people are starting to have a feeling of Christmas. Many have started planning for Christmas holiday, some will be traveling for vocation while majority will be looking forward to joining families on Christmas day. A day for exchanging gifts, sharing a meal and thanking God for watching over us through the year, but beyond all, a day to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

Picture this, there are families out there that would have wanted to have a family gathering, food on the dinner table on Christmas day but would not. Not because they don’t want but because they can’t afford food on that day. They can’t buy beef or chicken to share with a family. Because of this has been partnering with friends, churches and individuals that would like to share a meal with  families on Christmas day. With $ 20 you can bring great joy and happiness to a family of 10 people on Christmas day. They can have food, share a prayer and invite neighbors to share a meal with them. Its a great joy and expectation of every home in Africa.

Families receiving Christmas meal items

With your support in the past, we have been able to buy a bull for beef, cooking oil, flower, vegetable, soap and anything else we can afford for such needy families. Please consider sharing a meal on Christmas day with a family in Kenya. you can make this possible though our website at


Be blessed.

Michael Agwanda


Empowering girls has been a top priority of the United Nations and the UN Foundation. As many people say in the development sector, educating girls is the right thing to do.; it is also the smartest thing to do.

Girls and women often bear the consequences of poverty, lack of health care, lack of education and other inequalities. Yet when they are empowered, they earn more, have healthier families and grow economies.

Meet Jackline Oluoch, a 24 year old, who has struggled through in life, being a total orphan and the only child in her family.


A picture of Jackline when she joined Life For Children Welfare

Jackline lost her parents in the year 1999 and 2002 respectively, who were buried in Siaya, exact place not known. The guardian, Mrs Seline, who is the maternal grandmother of Jackline could not remember the exact home where Jackline and her parents used to stay since she only went there for burial.

Back in Siaya, the immediate relatives of Jackline were all dead and it was very clear that nobody was going to take care of Jackie, which was the reason the guardian had to come with her to Lela, Maseno Division.

The guardian was(is) a widow and at that particular time was 64 years, not engaged in any meaningful economic activity , athough she could afford three meals a day, a basic need in our lives. She was really finding it hard to cater for her educational needs.

How Life For Children Welfare changed her life.

Jackline came to hear about Life For Children when she was referred by a beneficiary’s guardian. She joined the program in 2006 when she was only 11 years old. “ I was vulnerable by then and LCW was like a savior to me” she says in one of her letters.

Jackline sat for her high school final exam in 2012. She got a mean grade of C+ which is slightly above average. She wanted to join college but she didn’t get a nursing school. After sometime, she was visited and it was noticed that she was pregnant, and later gave birth to a baby boy. This however did not deter her from pursuing her dream course; nursing. She joined college in 2015 and has graduated with a Diploma in Nursing.


On her graduation.

As we speak, Jackline Akinyi Oluoch is now as registered and certified nurse from Joan School Of Nursing.


“ I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to the Life For Children Welfare for their tireless support in my life…I am very grateful. May God continue giving you the courage and heart to support other vulnerable children.” She says in her Thank You Letter.

A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” Prov. 11:25.


Life For Children Ministry Announces Feeding Initiative with SERV International

God answers prayers every day in many different ways. We are grateful and joyful to announce that Life For Children Ministry has partnered with SERV International to help feed orphans in Wachara and the homeless street boys in Kisumu. This blessing is realized as not only to answer those in distress, but also for two heart-felt ministries to come together all in the name of Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission in such a sweet and caring way. Join us in prayer and raise a Hallelujah to give thanks and to celebrate what He has done!

SERV International

Life For Children Ministry has partnered with SERV International to help feed the hungry in Kenya

Help fight hunger in Kenya

Orphan Report for January 2019

Back to School

January has welcomed a new year in Life For Children Ministry, as well as a new school year. We began the month with sending primary and secondary kids to school. Many of them received their school uniforms at the December fellowship, and many of them came to the office the first week of the month to receive their uniforms, school supplies and school fee payments. We utilized this time to also get letters from the kids to send to their sponsors.

Michael has gone to the US with these letters in hand to give to the donors.

New school uniforms for orphans in Wachara

School Uniforms received at December Fellowship (Above), Students ready for Secondary School (Below)

Street Boys

I had the opportunity to visit Emmanuel, who is a former street boy that LCW has been supporting while he is being repatriated back to his home. Emmanuel is still doing very well in school as he begins class 6. Last year, in class 5, he finished the year with the #1 position among his classmates. The head teacher of his school has high hopes for him, and Emmanuel has a dream to one day go to Secondary School. Emmanuel was given a new uniform, sweater, school shoes and socks.


Home Fellowships in Kisumu went on very well for January. We had fellowship at Ombeyi with Gilbert who is the guardian to Esther Opiyo and at Chiga with Christine Akinyi who is the guardian to Caroly Onyango.

In Chiga the turnout was 17 guardians. We enjoyed time talking with each other, the guardians shared their concerns and thanksgivings. Bethany read from Romans 8:31-39, encouraging the group that if we are in Christ, there is nothing that can separate us from God. The guardians were also reminded that they will be required to make school visits with the office so that they can take an active role in their child’s education.

In Ombeyi, the turnout was 14 guardians. The guaridans shared their concerns and thanksgivings. The new intern, Nick Owaga gave a wonderful sermon on God’s love, and reminded us that God’s love for us is shown through the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ.

School Visits

We visited Village Hope Academy to pay school fees for William Okumu and enroll Emmanuel Ochieng and David Okoth. Emmanuel and David are being transferred to Village Hope from Orenge Primary School. All of their guardians met us at the school to talk with the Head Teacher. The guardians were introduced to the Head Teacher and we instructed them to visit the school at least one time during the first term to discuss the progress of their child, as well as to get to know the class teacher. Everyone is on board to help these students succeed.

Bethany Christolear