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Christmas Relief for Street Boys

This festive season always carries with it fond memories full of love and UN-deserving grace bestowed on us by God as sinners. By the birth of Christ we all are brought to the same level of mercy and salvation. Its a time of personal reflection and thanks giving, life for children extended this love to street boys by giving bread and milk to help carry them through the day. And sharing the word of God with them. On this photo boys are very happy.XmasStreetBoys


The Street Kids of Kenya, Updated Nov 2017

Dear Friends,
This being a giving Sunday, I’ wanted to share with you our street program report. The ministry has been feeding the street boys every Sunday and holding a church for them. For those that have visited me in Kenya, you can attest to the life they are leading.
It is my prayer that as you consider to give in this special day, that you would consider giving to Life for Children Ministry  to continue with the work to the least of the least in Kenya.
We love and we are praying for you.
Be blessed.
Michael Agwanda

The month of November has so far been peaceful from the intense political activities experienced in the previous months. The boys are fairing on well in their different bases.


The weekly field work are doing okay, this enhances close interaction with the boys giving them a listening hear. Encouraging them and administering first aid to those who are feeling unwell, at the same time advising them to seek further medical attention for ailments that are serious.

We have had an increase of new young boys ages 9-15 in the streets and also at the Sunday program. This increase is raising concern on our moral family values. A number of these boys are still very young and seeing them on the streets is not good.

Frank 12yrs;

Frank omuse comes from mumias western part of Kenya; he has been on the streets from September this year. He ran away from home because of being beaten by his uncle who drinks every day. The mother passed on when he was 2yrs leaving him under the care of his uncle. He has never seen the father.

Omuse longs to continue with his education given an opportunity, concerning going back home, he feels unwanted due to the constant abuse. He would rather be in a children’s home than going back there.

Steven tarus 13yrs;

Steven comes from belgut kericho area in the rift-valley. He has been on the streets for 3 months now. He lost both parents to clashes when the Maasai’s invaded their home running away with their animals (cows and sheep). Their home was burned down by fire in the wee hours of the morning killing his parents as he narrates painfully. He escaped narrowly since he slept in a neighbor’s home.

The boy seems traumatized by the event and still fears for his life. During the programs we take time with such boys, to encourage them, many of whom have been going through different hard times in life.

The past two weeks has not been easy for the boys. The county government came up with a plan to get the boys out of the streets. The arrest has been intensified, going on day and night. This has caused a number of boys to scamp for safety, some running away into hiding for dear life. Close to 50 boys have been arrested the young ones taken to juvenile while older ones to prison.

Vincent Otieno 13yrs;

Vincent hails from seme reru, he left home early this year after a constant beating from the uncle and step mother. His parents passed on leaving him under the care of his uncle. Vincent dropped out in class 4, though willing to go back to school given an opportunity but not back home because of the abuse.

During the crack-down his right arm was broken, bleeding and had to seek urgent medical attention. These are some of the dangers the boys encounter in the streets.

Vincent Otieno

Young Vincent is living in the streets of Kisumu


Brain Omondi 17yrs’

Brian was one of the happiest street boys you could ever come across. It was hard to notice whether he had any problems since his smile was always evident. During field-work, you could meet him going about his things.

He was never attending the Sunday programs because he was busy selling shop items on the streets (hocking). Brian’s body was found on the lake shore with deep wound around the neck. He must have been strangled, the motive not known.


The dump church fellowship has had a rough few weeks after the structure was pulled down by heavy rains and wind in October. For that period the fellowship was on and off but thanks to God through the offerings given by members and well-wishers the building is up again.

The fellowship is going on. The dump-site boys are fairing on well and the bibles donated to the fellowship is helping them grow spiritually and get grounded in God’s word. Thanks to the Texas Christians for such donations.


Schools have closed down for the long December holidays and kids are back at home. Emmanuel has been doing great both at home and school. He has maintained the lead in his class where he was top position 1 with 405marks out of 500. The performance of Emmanuel has been very encouraging even to the teachers.

He is a disciplined boy both at home and in school, respecting the elders and obedient according to the teachers. Thanks to life for children for giving such a boy a second chance in life.


The Sunday programs and fellowship have been doing great, the boys have maintained coming early by 6.15am waiting for the fellowship to start. This has given them an opportunity to learn more on depending on God and trusting Him for their day today life.

Praise and worship has been playing a very important role in lifting the spirits of the boys and drawing the most needed inner strength to continue facing the hurdles of life.

The month of November we have been learning on the challenges life brings to us. Example the story of Joseph, the hardships he passed through to become great. The meals have been nutritious and very helpful to the boys well being. The attendance has been 105, 102, 97, 95 respectively. Thanks to the director, donors and staff for the continued support towards street boys program. Be blessed.

Bibles Delivered to a Church Formed at a City Dump!

The Bible is the most valuable tool in every Christian life as the saying goes, the best gift you can be given is the bible. Whoever gives you a bible, offers life in its fullness since that person has showed you how to get to God. I cannot overemphasize the role of God’s word in our lives. But I can authoritatively say by the grace of God, that the Bible is God himself expressing who he is and what He means to us.
Here at the dump-site church we were blessed to have received this gift from the Wesley foundation and Life for Children Ministry. 31 Bibles were a great blessing to this congregation and they say a big thank you to the donors. The excitement and joy of receiving God’s word wow!  -Pastor TonnyChurchBibles

An Improved Farming Method

Wachara community is a rural area where Life for children ministry has been in a forefront to improve and support the welfare of the community members not only through sponsorship of the vulnerable orphans, building improved houses to vulnerable families, spiritual nourishment, microfinance support to small businesses and also providing TRACTOR to the community farmers.

Farming being the economic activity in the community, community members fully depend on farm products for commercial purposes and for consumption. Wachara community has been using traditional way of farming method where farmers use cows for ploughing, this method is time and energy consuming and only small area of the farm will be worked on.

Thanks to Life for Children Ministry for bringing in board easier way of farming through provision of a tractor in the community. This helps them plough lands which were left barren and easy way to saves time thus promote sufficient food within the community not only as an individual farmer but also to the entire community.

I wish to pass my sincere gratitude to the donors and founder Director Mr. Michael Agwanda for making work easier for farmers and the entire community thus improving the living standard for the community members. Today Wachara Village has improved their yield compared to previous years. Our objective is to increase our production hence food security for the community. It is our prayer that in future we shall get additional tractor since the demand is getting high and it is overwhelming one tractor.

Traditional Farming

A Hand plow and a team of Cows are limited to the amount of acreage they can till

Tractor At Work

New tractor plowing a neighborhood plot that will increase crop output

The Change with Street Boys

The street boys program has evolved through the years and the changes are evident in the lives of the boys. In the early stages it was hard for the boys to keep cool and sit down while attending the programs. They were always rowdy, shouting and fighting. Sitting down for even 5 minutes and listening to the advice and teachings was impossible. This was due to the influence of glue, alcohol and other drugs but things have changed over a period of time.
They now sit, listen and sing praises for a longer time in the Sunday programs. Here is a photo. We thank God for these and many more.StrBoys2017

The Great Commission with LCM

Working with Life for Children Ministry was an incredible adventure. We were able to meet so many friends and fellow Christians, and spread the love of Christ to people who didn’t know. We were inspired, and we got to inspire. In Kenya, we were greeted with such love and grace it was astonishing. The very first day in Kisumu, our team spent time learning from an amazing guardian through the ministry, a woman named Jerusa. She took us into her home and began to teach us her fine craft of making pottery. We each got to take some of the clay and try for ourselves. She gathers mud from the river just down from her house, and mixes it with just a touch of water to make the perfect combination, then she fashions and molds beauty within her hands. This is how she supports herself and her grandson, by selling her pottery. Jerusa prayed over our team with such passion and authority it blew me away. Even through the language barriers the Spirit was heavy and thick in that place, I was brought to tears in her living room. This was a woman that understands the mission and lives to please Jesus. Many moments like these throughout our two-week journey continued to impact my heart and remind my spirit of God’s love. We met other guardians caring for orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS, we prayed over the sick and broken, we watched God move in young children singing and playing, we helped treat people medically wherever we had the chance, we loved on people who live in dumps and on the streets, we climbed rocks, went exploring, tried new foods, and learned a lot about God, ourselves, and each other. We worked with LCM to bring the word of Christ however we possibly could; and it was definitely not always in the most obvious way. It was wonderful to have the chance to be a part of this team, even if just for a small time. I was able to see the incredible ways the Lord works through this ministry to reach the hearts of the Kenyan people. The few and the faithful, LCM daily lives out this verse…

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27

Charity Johnson


Fellowship Program

Life for children welfare has been in the forefront for providing not only food, shelter, clothing and education to the vulnerable but also provides spiritual nourishment to them too. In line with this, the guardians have been organized into two groups in which they meet once every month to fellowship together and encourage each other. They also help each other in times of despair for example during grieve; they give motivation and even do some little contributions for the bereaved. They also participate a lot in team building for example when it comes to house construction of one of their member, they come together to help in the process.

This movement has been very helpful to the guardian because they even get to know where each and every one of them lives, the kind of life they are living and also the challenges they are facing. They also get to share the little food they have with their fellows because through this, they also receive blessings from God and am very much grateful for them for their generosity. However less it may be, they will always share it all without considering how the next day will be. This is the kind of heart expected from a true believer of God therefore they should continue with the same spirit.

Life for children ministry has also played a bigger role in ensuring that this program runs successfully, they are always available when this time comes and they will always provide a means of transport for the guardians and this is a very good gesture of togetherness. I thank life for children welfare for dedicating themselves to serve the children of God who are very much in need. May the Good Lord continue blessing them each and every moment of their life. Below are some of the beautiful photos during the fellowship.

By Maureen Adoyo




Family is always an integral part of our society and plays a very important role in day to day life. Considering the fabrics and the need to belong for every human being, street boys are not exceptional; they tend to identify themselves with the new environment they find themselves in. This has created a family unit for the boys. In different spots in town they call “base’ from there they relate, protect and care for each other. The photo shows how these boys are happy and trusting in God for their daily lives.

-Pastor Tonny

Life for Children Ministry feeds the streets boys every Sunday and have church, medical attention and provides soap for their bathing. Life for children also repatriates and reunite the willing boys to their families. Any support will be appreciated to continue reaching these boys with the word of Christ. Please see our website for more info.
Founder of LCM, Michael Agwanda

LCM Clean Water Project

One of the strategies used to support orphans is to improve community access to food and water. Watch the latest YouTube video where Micheal Agwanda, LCM founder describes the conditions on the ground and how to combat them.

LCM board Annoucement

Greetings to the friends of LCM,

For the last nine months, Perry Dillman served as our first Executive Director.  Perry brought energy, wisdom, skillful communication, attention to details and most importantly a heart for the Lord and for our mission, the children of Kenya.

In hiring our first executive director, the Life for Children Board stepped out in faith and gave sacrificially to fund this position so that no funding was diverted from the ministry.   Now, with great disappointment, the Board announces the transition of Perry Dillman from salaried Executive Director to individual advocate and volunteer for the ministry.  This transition will be effective April 19.

It has been a pleasure to work with Perry.  We all will deeply miss the depth that he added to this ministry and his incredibly positive spirit.  He has made a difference, especially in making the connection stronger to each of you, our supporters.  Please pray for Perry as he seeks his next assignment from the Lord and for the ministry as we make this transition.

Perry, thank you for jumping in and serving God through each prayer, phone call, email, thank you note, meeting, and follow up action item.   You have kept our eyes on Jesus and on Kenya and kept us looking forward.  May God’s grace and blessing follow you wherever He leads you next.

Board of Life for Children Ministry


Perry visiting with Street Boys in Kisumu