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Urgent Appeal: Life for Children Ministry Pastor’s Training support

In October 2016, Life for Children Ministry is leading a full week of training for 60 lay pastors in Kenya and we would like to ask for your help. Will you please read the note below, pray for the training pastors and the lay pastor students, and consider joining us in supporting this important mission?

In Eastern Kenya, outside the cities, thousands of church groups are led by lay pastors. These lay pastors serve because they are called. The vast majority have no formal seminary training. These pastors serve small churches in villages. A few may have a church building, others meet in borrowed or rented space or in school class rooms, and a few meet in the open under trees. These are known in Kenya as indigenous churches. Their church members are generally poor and not well educated. Some pastors know only a few Bible verses and teach them repeatedly. Training is badly needed.

Several years ago Michael began asking US pastors who came to Kenya with their church short term mission teams to teach small groups of pastors. This training was very well received and has been a valuable resource for those able to attend. This year, in October, five pastors and teachers from the USA will lead a full week’s teaching for 60 lay pastors. This is the largest group to be trained and can have a major positive impact on the effective outreach of churches in the area.

These lay pastors, in most cases, are as poor as their congregants. Life for Children Ministry will need to cover the cost of their transportation, hotel room, meals and incidentals. The cost will be about $60 per day per student or $300 for the week. For 60 students the total cost will be $18,000. The five pastors making the trip are raising funds to help with these expenses but cannot raise the total amount. We anticipate the Mission Team will provide about $10,000 of the total. We need your help to raise the remaining need of $8000.

These students have been thirsting for this training and we do not want to disappoint. Please respond by sponsoring students by the day for $60 each, by the week for $300 each or with the gift you feel called to give to assure these pastors receive this badly needed training.

Donations can be done online using the General Fund or Project donation buttons on the Life for Children Ministry website. Please be sure to annotate the payment is for “Lay Pastor Training” during the payment process. Information for check payment is also there if needed.

A Growing Need for Transportation

As with any ministry, transportation is key for proper management of resources. From food distribution to emergency medical trips, a good reliable piece of transportation is extremely important to handle the rough terrain and weather conditions.

7 years ago we had the good fortune to partner with Rotary International to procure our first key vehicle. A van that has served us so well with 4 wheel drive to navigate the washed-out roads when the rainy season begins. Currently, the van is used to transport children to school, mobilize staff and short term mission members to the field, help with fellowship and many other operational duties. We are now coming to the point where a replacement is quickly needed as more plans are taking shape for an increase in the number of children, visiting mission teams and an ever-growing list of requirements for multiple programs.

The cost is $30k USD. Not a trivial request, but we are amazed at how God guides and unites others for His purpose in the kingdom. He has been ever faithful in providing the necessary tools to serve the needs of the many. We also ask for your prayer to provide a reliable transport for our needs.

Contact Life for Children Ministry

Thanks again for your prayers, kind thoughts and support. Many Blessings!

LCM Projects

More upcoming project opportunities being identified for 2016… stay tuned for more details!


Milka Adhiambo’s House Fire

Milka Adhiambo is a widow and a Life for Children guardian to Letty Atieno. They stay at a place called Ngere in Ndhiwa. She has five children who depend on her.

Last year, Milka was one of the guardians that benefited from a house constructed by a United Methodist Church mission team in conjunction with Life for Children Welfare. Milka Adhiambo survives by doing menial jobs within the community. She uses the money from these jobs to buy cereals to re-sell within the local community market. The extra shillings she gets from this business helps support other members of her family.

Recently Milka was staying with her sister who is between 27-30 years old. Her sister is mentally unstable. On 27th October, the sister was alone with the children while Letty’s mother was away at a far market. About 7:00 p.m., she chased Letty and her other sibling away from the house using a panga (machete). Their neighbors did not take this matter seriously since they knew the sister was mentally unstable. Little did they suspect that the house was going to be torched. Unfortunately, the sister went back to the house and set a fire to burn everything in that house. The whole house burned down with everything in it. By the time the neighbors arrived to save some of the property, the whole house was in flames and nothing could be saved. The cereals which Milka stocked in the house were burned as well.

Milka and her family were forced to spend a night in a tent next to their former house without any basic items for their survival, including food, clothes, school uniforms and books. Life for children gave them a small amount of money and a mattress that was left from VBS.

Milka and her children are in an extremely difficult situation and need our prayers and support. If you would like to help Milka and her family, please contact Frances Osteen at

School Site Identified

As part of LCM’s long-term strategic plan, the ministry has identified a building site for a boarding school.  It will provide housing where LCMs’ orphans along with tuition paying students from the general public will provide a sustainable income for the Ministry. Tuition from outside students will subsidize the cost of educating the Ministry’s orphans. This is a successful model used by other non profits in Africa.

A location has been selected close to the Kisumu with good roads and utilities in place where families will feel secure in sending their children.  A 10 Acre plot within the Kisumu city limits, (less than 5 miles from the city’s center) has been put under contract.  It is Located close to the campus of Great Lakes University of Kisumu and adjacent to the new Kirdi University now under construction.  Also close by is a medical clinic and available water for irrigation. The area is experiencing good growth as a middle class neighborhood where residents will utilize a private school.

The plan is to have 5 acres for the middle school and another 5 acres for a high school.  As the parcels are developed LCM will farm a portion to reduce food expenses for the students.

The purchase price for the 10 acres is $100,000 plus related closing cost, taxes. etc.  The Lord has blessed the Ministry with initial donations exceeding $47,000.  Recently, a short term mission team from Covenant UMC, Ft Wayne, IN visited the school site and donated $11,000 for the project. Additionally, St James UMC, Alpharetta, GA has donated $5,000 for the project, putting funding at about the 50% mark.    Can you help?

Members of both the US Board and Kenyan Board are praying and asking our partnering Churches and donor friends to join us with Christmas advent offerings designated for this project.

We are praying that your church will come along side us to help raise the funds for this essential project before year end.

Be Blessed,
Michael O. Agwanda

Kisumu, Kenya showing location of LCM School site

Map of Kisumu, Kenya showing location of LCM School site less than 5 miles from town center.